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積奇 Tsumiki


A variety of gatherings become communities, and these accumulate to form a larger picture.


In a society where various races and personalities intersect, individual special things come together to form a shape. And that shape combines with other shapes to become a large form. This work, which forms an exquisite balance, expresses infinite possibilities and beautiful hopes.


I combined wood chips from over 25 different types of trees to create five octahedrons. Each octahedron has a core made of a different type of wood, each with a different weight. As I stacked the pieces, the irregular shape of the artwork emerged due to the discrepancy between my intuitive sense of size and the actual weight of each piece. The types of trees used include Japanese cedar (with knots and burls), Yakusugi cedar (quail burls), Kiso hinoki cypress (red knots, living knots, and root burls), hinoki cypress (with knots), mokume gane/mokume birch (burls, grape burls, shrunken burls, and spalted wood), maple (burls), briar (burls), Japanese horse chestnut (shrunken burls), claro walnut (with backlit wood), Japanese pagoda tree (shrunken burls), Japanese hackberry (with waves), maple (spalted and shrunken), olive (shrunken), pink ivory (with bubbles), black persimmon (with mist), Japanese ash (with pearl-like luster or shrunken satin), Korean nagoonberry (shrunken burls), oak (with bamboo-like grain), Zelkova (rice bran or shrunken satin), and various other woods, such as kingwood, Fernambuco, abnormal wood, rare wood, and exotic wood. These diverse pieces of wood, from different species, ages, and regions, have come together to form one artwork.


Block1 : 83 x 83 x 56mm
Block2 : 75 x 52 x 51mm

Block3 : 62 x 53 x 46mm

Block4 : 55 x 53 x 45mm

Block5 : 42 x 35 x 32mm


Wood piece, Wood glue, Wax

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