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Saki Kaneko
1989 Born in Tokyo
Saki Kaneko

【Perceptional Expression】

"An orchestra tastes like vegetable soup," "Orange juice is in the key of B-flat," "Harmony is blue."

Sounds are tasted as flavors, flavors are heard as notes, and colors are felt as shapes.

Since childhood, Kaneko has felt this world is called "synesthesia," where a single sensory stimulus produces multiple unconscious perceptions.

The artwork expresses a chain of sensations that are centered around vision, hearing, and taste.

It visualizes and sonifies everyday sensory experiences, expressing the ambiguous psyche of the five senses and emotions.

Kazuomi Kitagawa
1992 Born in Kyoto

【Diverse perspectives and overlapping expressions】​

The concept of overlapping elements through its concept and installation, acknowledging that things exist through the interaction of multiple elements. By viewing things from multiple perspectives rather than a single point of view, concepts can expand infinitely. While this way of thinking may require time and effort to arrive at an answer, it is believed to be the root of richness and diversity.


The concept of the complexity and overlapping of things is considered to exist like four dimensions. In an era where information processing speed improves by associating with formulaic development such as efficiency and rationality, we move on to the next stage by defining algebra. However, the duality that exists in each thing is filled with immeasurable possibilities like the universe. Kaleidoscope works to pursue the expression of such things.

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