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Creation of deity


This is a focus on analyzing people's behavior from a business and marketing perspective and manipulating that behavior. It focuses on the psychological impact brought about by the internet and the behavioral psychology that arises from what people desire.


This artwork represents the image of humanity in modern society. Humans share their experiences and knowledge through the internet, leading to the development of civilization. By accumulating and analyzing data on human thought and behavior patterns, humans have evolved through the cultivation and enhancement of artificial intelligence. The source of this nourishment is the behavioral data generated by humans in their daily lives. It is assumed that the current existence of the internet serves as a reliable and familiar substitute for a "god" for humanity. The concept of a "god" in a religious sense has a historical significance as a moral guide, source of hope, and shared teachings for humans. However, the internet, with its convenience and availability, is believed to have taken on a new form of divinity that is more convenient for modern humans.


This artwork depicts a tree with branches and roots spreading out. The ripples that connect to the roots represent humanity, absorbing experiences, thoughts, knowledge, and actions from people. The ripples are expressed with shells and metal foil, overlapping the meaning of organic and inorganic compounds made of shells that support the development of civilization and metal. Furthermore, the use of shells and metal foil in the painting represents the close relationship between humans and machines.

The spreading branches represent the internet world that grows by feeding on accumulated human behavior data. The places where the growth of the branches stagnates and the patterns that dance in the space where the branches wither and fall represent the process of decay and elimination from the flow of growth, and they also symbolize being returned as nutrients to become the foundation of development.

The large ripple spreading from the trunk represents the growth of this world creation.


46cm x 61cm


Acrylic paint, Avalon shell, Metal foil.

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